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Project Description
A very simple text to html converter designed to deal with those email messages that contain a list of links to images. Any http links it finds to pictures are converted inline. eps files are downloaded and rendered. Can be easily extended.

What's the point?

There are lots of text to HTML converters out there - and most of them are much more sophisticated in what they do. This one is very simple:
  • If it finds a http://blah/pic.png it will convert that line to an in-line picture.
  • If it finds a http://blah/pic.eps it will first download and render the eps using ghostscript, and then will put the picture inline.

That is all! Oh, and besides being open source, it is extensible if you wanted to add something else.


This was a very very simple project - I wrote about 90% of it in 2 hours on a plane ride between Chicago and Seattle. I wrote it because in my job I often get emails with refer to plots posted on web pages. Unfortunately, these email message have a bunch of text, 4 links, and then more text, and then more text. Clicking on each link in turn brings up the images on a seperate tab - not the best way to compare text. With this I can cut/paste the full text of the email into the converter and then hit render. And, lo, I now can see the text and images on one web page. Sweet!

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